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About High Struttin’ Dogs

High Struttin’ Dogs, located in Lapeer Michigan, was founded by Anna Schloff and Terry Swanson. We believe in more than just "Sit", "Come", and "Heel,” and can’t wait to teach your pup new tricks. With over 30 years of experience, we specialize in canine freestyle, canine good citizenship, and obedience.


Featured Classes

We do all of our dog training at All Dogs Can in Lapeer, Michigan. Below is a selection of some of our classes.

Freestyle with Anna Schloff /Terry Swanson

Freestyle is a fun and motivational way to train and bond with your dog. The Freestyle class will introduce training and moves for the new student and will teach precision, transition moves and tricks that will transition to other moves for the more advanced student. Music selection, flow and precision will be presented. Freestyle is a fun and motivational dance to music with your dog. The training learned through Freestyle will serve the dog and handler team well in other sports as well including Obedience, Rally, Agility and other dog competition sports.

Trick Training with Anna Schloff/Terry Swanson

Introduction level to trick training class. In this class we will review the many different methods to teach skills to your dog. Each week we will learn new tricks. Students who successfully meet the requirements of this course will receive their Novice Trick Dog title through DMWYD (do More with Your Dog), which is easily transferable to AKC. Class includes Certificate and Ribbon.

Foundation Games and Motivation 

This class will help prepare the dog to work off leash in a competitive ring environment. We will also work to develop a motivated dog that loves to learn and be in the ring without the constant need for treats and cookies constantly present and in the pocket or in the bait bag of the handler. We will also present distractions and proofing to help the dog continue to love to work even when distractions are present during the performance.

Puppy Kindergarten/Basic Obedience with Anna Schloff/Terry Swanson 

We believe in more than just "Sit", "Come", and "Heel". Our experienced instructors train dogs using positive methods assuring they will become easy to live with, safe and welcome everywhere they go.

Puppies will have fun & motivational class that teaches attention, sit, walk, down, stay, come, walk on leash & wait. Will also address any puppy problems that the student may have.

Canine Good Citizen and Community Canine

This class will prepare the student with the basic components of the Canine Good Citizen test. The class will also provide basic instruction in socialization skills and basic obedience cues. The last class will conduct the Canine Good Citizen testing. This class will also teach the components of the Community Canine testing. Completion of the CGC is required to test for Community Canine. Last class will conduct Community Canine testing for those that have completed the Canine Good Citizen test.
The Canine Good Citizen and Community Canine training provides excellent socialization training and prepares the dog to be successful in greeting and meeting friends and provides the foundation that will help the dog learn about the environment they live in each and every day.

Basic Obedience/Advanced Puppy Obedience with Anna Schloff/Terry Swanson

The Basic Obedience class will introduce training skills and techniques to teach the dog important life skills and obedience commands. The class will provide foundation training and life skills for the dog and their family. These skills include successful recalls, crate training, walking comfortably with the owner, socialization, polite behavior and other life skills. The class will also present training that develops rapport and relationship between the dog and their family. The class will also provide a solid foundation that will support the dog and owner as they grow together as a team and member of the family.

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